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Urban safety management : workshop paper.
C 2118 (In: C 2102) /72 /73 /82 / IRRD 840743
Mackie, A. & Lines, C.
In: Safety '91 : proceedings and programme, 1-2 May, 1991 : papers on vehicle safety, traffic safety and road user safety research, p. R1-R4

Samenvatting This workshop paper demonstrates the application of a new approach to accident reduction, which consists of area-wide safety management. It can be used in addition to the tradition site specific or `black-spot' method using Accident Investigation and Prevention (AIP) techniques, and is used in the TRRL Urban Safety Project. The aim of the project is to: (1) Help traffic use the main roads more safely; (2) Discourage the use of residential roads through travel, and (3) Create safer conditions for that traffic which does require access to the residential areas. The workshop presentation showed a hypothetical network designed to be typical of many British Urban Areas, and the programme covered (a) problem diagnosis, including accidents, traffic flow, pedestrian movement, cycling, existing road hierarchy, accident rates, land use, bus routes; (b) definition of safety objectives; (c) package of measures to meet those objectives, and (d) public consultation. For the covering abstract of the conference, see IRRD 840727.
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