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Driver aggression : the role of personality, social characteristics, risk and motivation.
C 2100 [electronic version only] /83 / IRRD 831246
Grey, E.M. Triggs, T.J. & Haworth, N.L.
Canberra, Act., Federal Office of Road Safety FORS, 1989, 155 p., 172 ref.; Report No. CR 81 - ISSN 0810-770X / ISBN 0-642-51243-4

Samenvatting The report addresses the topic of aggression in driving, with a consideration of a number of subject areas: theories of aggression; the definition of aggressive behaviour in driving; measurements of aggression; extreme forms of driver aggression; less extreme forms of driver aggression. The report's conclusions focus on society's role in aggressive behaviour, strategies for coping with aggression, including driver education and screening, and directions for future research.
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