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Snelheidsgedrag van gemotoriseerde tweewielers : een pilotstudie naar de rijsnelheden van snorfietsers en bromfietsers.
C 1953 [electronic version only] /83 / IRRD 860114
Mulder, J.A.G.
Leidschendam, Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid SWOV, 1992, 15 + 19 p.; R-92-32

Samenvatting This report presents the results of a pilot study into driving speeds of 46 "snorfietsers" and 387 moped riders. Radar speed measurements were carried out within and outside built-up areas in the western part of the Netherlands in April 1992. One result is that the maximum legal speed limit of 25 km/h for "snorfietsen" is exceeded by 48% of the "snorfietsers", mainly younger male riders. It can be concluded that the speed limits is exceeded by a considerably number of: (1) moped riders within built-up areas; and (2) "snorfietsers". It seems that "snorfietsers" are more inclined to exceed the speed limit outside built-up areas. However, it was not possible to measure the actual number of speed offenders due to the technical failure of the radar apparatus. It is recommended that this pilot study should be on a larger scale spread all over the Netherlands in order to investigate a greater number of "snorfietsers".
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