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Hospitalization and injury influence the prosecution of drunk drivers.
C 1132 (In: C 1103 S) /83 / IRRD 857316
McLaughlin, J.G. Smith, R.J. Mattice, C.R. & Scholten, D.J.
In: Proceedings of the 36th Annual Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine AAAM, Portland, Oregon, October 5-7, 1992, p. 413-423, 24 ref.

Samenvatting The influence that injury and hospitalization from alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes (MVCs) may have on subsequent prosecution for drunk driving was studied utilizing concurrent controls consisting of three cohorts of drivers. The cohorts were drunk and injured drivers, drunk and not injured drivers, and sober and injured drivers. Despite the majority of intoxicated drivers being identified by police as having been drinking, evidentiary testing was not uniform. Culpability for the crash was high in the drunk cohorts compared to the sober drivers, and yet there was a statistically significant difference in the conviction rate of injured drunk drivers (59.2%), as compared to uninjured drunk drivers (100%). Injury and hospitalization for drunk drivers following MVCs affords protection from prosecution, and may enable ongoing risk-taking behaviour by the drunk driver.
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