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The effects of road safety remedial measures on vulnerable road users : a preliminary study.
C 705 (In: C 685 [electronic version only]) /82 / IRRD 842423
Kamali, A.R. Braga, M. & Gilbert, D.
In: Highway appraisal and design : proceedings of seminar E (P307) held at the 16th PTRC European Transport and Planning Summer Annual Meeting, University of Bath, England, September 12-16, 1988, p. 241-255, 25 ref.

Samenvatting This article describes the effects of certain road safety measures taken at 194 sites in 6 London boroughs during 1973-1983 upon the accident rates of pedestrians and cyclists. Road safety measures implemented by the Accident Investigation and Prevention (AIP) schemes included any one of 3 broad types: nodes (functions), links (roads) or cells (area wide schemes). Each scheme could consist of one or more of the following broad categories of remedial work: traffic signals; improved lighting; pedestrian facilities; signing; parking restrictions; vehicle channelisation; carriageway surface improvements; traffic management measures; or miscellaneous measures. Details of the total number of measures taken by each borough and their distribution are provided, as are details of injury accident statistics by road user type both before and after the implementation of the schemes. The results demonstrate that accident rates can be substantially reduced by such schemes especially amongst the most vulnerable road user groups.
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