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Young drivers' attitudes and drunk driving habits as a function of their accident involvement and violation record.
C 590 (In: C 571) /83 / IRRD 810472
Bergeron, J. & Joly, P.
In: Young drivers impaired by alcohol and other drugs : proceedings of a symposium organised by the International Drivers' Behaviour Research Association, Amsterdam, September 13-15, 1986, p. 185-192, 11 ref.

Samenvatting The goal of this study was to contribute to the improvement of accident countermeasures with regard to road safety by analysing young drivers' attitudes towards drunk driving. This study was carried out with the use of a psychometric instrument (the ACR questionnaire) constructed by the present authors. A strong relationship between young road- users' driving habits and their attitudes towards drunk driving was observed. Results, gathered from 95 young (16 to 25- year- old) drivers, revealed, among other things, that male road users as well as drivers who had committed violations were more prone to having driven and intending to drive in a state of intoxication. Interpretation of these results emphasize that to improve presently employed countermeasures against drunk driving it is important to consider the attitudes and other motivational factors which underlie young peoples' decision to take the wheel in a state of inebriation.
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