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Predisposing factors in the alcohol- and drug-impairment of young drivers' performance.
C 588 (In: C 571) /83 / IRRD 810470
Brown, I.D.
In: Young drivers impaired by alcohol and other drugs : proceedings of a symposium organised by the International Drivers' Behaviour Research Association, Amsterdam, September 13-15, 1986, p. 165-172, 18 ref.

Samenvatting There is statistical evidence that traffic accident risk is higher for younger drivers than for older, at comparable levels of blood alcohol. Epidemiological studies have associated this increased risk with specific behaviour patterns within the road transport system. Other research suggests that much of this behaviour may simply reflect a general tendency towards risk- seeking among young people. None of this is particularly encouraging for those endeavouring to design and implement accident countermeasures which do not rely solely on selective punitive sanctions. This paper reconsiders the options by reviewing evidence for the proposition that mismatches between the concurrent development of cognitive and perceptual- motor skills actually predispose young drivers' performance towards impairment by alcohol or drugs. It is concluded that appropriately structured, 'mismatch- centred' driver training could make a fairer, more acceptable and effective contribution to the reduction of 'impairment' accidents among young drivers, in addition to improving their general performance, without invoking risk homeostasis.
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