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Aggressive driving: A survey of attitudes, opinions and behaviors.
I E146689 [electronic version only] /83 / ITRD E146689
Vanlaar, W. Simpson, H. Mayhew, D. & Robertson, R.
Journal of Safety Research. 2008. 39(4) Pp375-381 (21 Refs.)

Samenvatting Aggressive driving encompasses a continuum of behaviors that range from extreme acts, such as shootings, to less severe manifestations, such as arguments and gestures. It is clear from the available data that aggressive driving is not uncommon and very risky. However, little is known about the opinions and practices of drivers. The purpose of this study was to help bridge these gaps. The data were gathered by means of a public opinion poll among a representative sample of 1,201 Canadian drivers. Univariate frequency distributions and 95% confidence intervals were calculated and logistic regression and generalized linear latent models were used to summarize the data. It was found that the issue of aggressive driving is a significant one as a considerable percentage of drivers admits to it. The results coming from the logistic regression and the generalized linear latent model suggest that male and younger drivers are more likely to behave aggressively in traffic and that behaving more aggressively is associated with a history of traffic tickets. When gauging people's attitudes, opinions, and behaviors, it becomes clear that aggressive driving is a considerable problem. There also seems to be a need for a better understanding of which specific behaviors respondents associate with the generic term aggressive driving. Results from this study further emphasize the need of increasing the aggressive driving knowledge base. (A) Reprinted with permission from Elsevier.
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