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Behavioral and eye-movement measures to track improvements in driving skills of vulnerable road users: First-time motorcycle riders.
I E158534 /83 / ITRD E158534
Di-Stasi, L.L. Contreras, D. Candido, A. Canas, J.J. & Catena, A.
Transportation Research, Part F. 2011 /01. 14(1) Pp26-35 (34 Refs.)

Samenvatting Motorcyclist deaths and injuries follow the trend in sales rather than in growth in the number of motorcycles, suggesting that fatalities are related to the lack of driver experience with recently purchased motorcycles. The aim of the present investigation was to assess the effects of experience and training in hazard perception. We compared first-time riders (people who are not yet riders/drivers) before and after training in six different riding scenarios to expert motorcycle riders. Thirty-three participants took part in the experiment. Volunteers rode a moped in a fixed-base virtual environment and were presented with a number of preset risky events. We used a multidimensional methodology, including behavioral, subjective and eye-movements data. The results revealed differences between experts and first-time riders, as well as the effect of training on the novice group. As expected, training led to an improvement in the riding skills of first-time riders, reducing the number of accidents, improving their capacity to adapt their speed to the situation, reducing trajectory-corrective movements, and changing their pattern of gaze exploration. We identified several behavioral and eye-related measures that are sensitive to both long-term experience and training in motorcycle riders. These findings will be useful for the design of on-line monitoring systems to evaluate changes in risk behavior and of programs for preventing and controlling risk behavior and improving situation awareness for novice riders, with the ultimate aim of reducing road-user mortality. (A) Reprinted with permission from Elsevier.
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