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Parental and offspring assessment of driving capability under the influence of drugs or alcohol: Gender and inter-generational differences.
I E157441 /83 / ITRD E157441
Rosenbloom, T. Beigel, A. Perlman, A. & Eldror, E.
Accident Analysis and Prevention. 2010 /11. 42(6) Pp2125-2131 (54 Refs.)

Samenvatting The current study set to examine whether there are inter-generational and gender-based differences between family members self-assessing their ability to drive under normal conditions and while under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. Participants were 135 young-adults and both their parents, consisting 45 family triads, who received self-assessment questionnaires relating to their driving skills in various road scenarios. Each family triad was randomly assigned to one of three groups: either requested to base the assessments on normal driving conditions, or under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, thus forming a control group, and two experimental groups (alcohol and drugs), respectively. The findings indicate the assessments of both the alcohol and drugs groups were more severe than those of the control group. The alcohol group assessments were less strict than the drug group assessment (non-significantly). Inter-generational differences indicated that the parents driving-skills assessments were lower than those of their offspring, corresponding with previous findings ([Elkind, 1967] and [Finn and Bragg, 1986]). A significant within-subject interaction has been found between the respondent's gender and familial relations regarding the self-assessment of driving skills: male respondents assessed better driving skills compared to the self estimates of both parents (which did not significantly differ). In contrast, female respondents estimates did not differ from their fathers and both fathers and daughters estimates were significantly higher than that of the mothers in each family. (A) Reprinted with permission from Elsevier.
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