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Macroscopic traffic flow propagation stability for adaptive cruise controlled vehicles.
I E130757 /73 / ITRD E130757
Yi, J. & Horowitz, R.
Transportation Research, Part C. 2006 /04. 14(2) Pp81-95 (14 Refs.)

Samenvatting Traffic flow propagation stability is concerned about whether a traffic flow perturbation will propagate and form a traffic shockwave. In this paper, we discuss a general approach to the macroscopic traffic flow propagation stability for adaptive cruise controlled (ACC) vehicles. We present a macroscopic model with velocity saturation for traffic flow in which each individual vehicle is controlled by an adaptive cruise control spacing policy. A nonlinear traffic flow stability criterion is investigated using a wavefront expansion technique. Quantitative relationships between traffic flow stability and model parameters (such as traffic flow and speed, etc.) are derived for a generalized ACC traffic flow model. The newly derived stability results are in agreement with previously derived results that were obtained using both microscopic and macroscopic models with a constant time headway (CTH) policy. Moreover, the stability results derived in this paper provide sufficient and necessary conditions for ACC traffic flow stability and can be used to design other ACC spacing policies. (A) "Reprinted with permission from Elsevier".
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