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Aggressive driving behaviors: are there psychological and attitudinal predictors?
I E118835 /83 / ITRD E118835
Miles, D.E. & Johnson, G.L.
Transportation Research, Part F: Traffic Psychology And Behaviour. 2003 /06. 6f(2) Pp147-61 (34 Refs.)

Samenvatting Aggressive driving behaviors are extremely problematic in America, as well as in many other countries. This exploratory research study was designed to investigate whether researchers could identity personality characteristics as well as attitudes and beliefs of people who drive aggressively. Survey responses from an "known group" of drivers with multiple traffic citations were compared to a student sample. Underlying differences in driving behaviors, type-A behavior pattern, and attitudes and beliefs were supported in a series of t-test analyses. There were no significant differences regarding agreeableness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. Areas of future research including investigations of trait anger, driving anger, and gender differences are suggested. We also argue that there may be a key distinction between aggressive driving and road rage, paralleling the distinction between instrumental and direct/hostile aggression. (Author/publisher).
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