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Anger and aggression among drivers in three European countries.
I E112861 /83 / ITRD E112861
Parker, D. Lajunen, T. & Summala, H.
Accident Analysis & Prevention. 2002 /03. 34(2) Pp229-35 (13 Refs.)

Samenvatting Recent reports of 'road rage' in the British media give the impression that driver aggression is escalating. In order to understand this phenomenon we need to know what it is about driving that provokes motorists to feel anger and then to go on to express that anger in the form of aggression. A postal questionnaire survey of more than 2500 drivers was carried out in three European countries: Britain, Finland and the Netherlands. The study had three main aims: (a) to discover how angry, if at all, a range of situations on the road make drivers, (b) to find out how many drivers are likely to react aggressively to those situations, and (c) to investigate individual and/or cultural differences in terms of anger and/or aggressive responses among motorists. Results indicate that the same types of behaviour provoke anger and aggression in all three countries, and that traffic density may play a role. (Author/publisher).
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