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Leading the way.
I E131903 /90 /91 / ITRD E131903
Bartha, E.
Eurotransport. 2006. 4(4) Pp48-53

Samenvatting New developments in bus and coach technology implemented by the German-based NEOMAN Bus Group, part of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, are described. The new Cityliner tour bus features the circular frame technology, adaptive cruise control, a track monitoring system (lane guard system) and bend lights. The NEOMAN Bus Group has committed itself to exhaust gas recirculation. The new Comfort Drive Suspension (CDS) will be available for coaches in the NEOPLAN and MAN brands. The CDS has been modified for use on coaches. For passive safety, the NEOPLAN Starliner and NEOPLAN Cityliner have spars running round the body and patented reinforcements for the side wall attachment. Maximum speed control (MSC) prevents the bus from exceeding the permissible top speed limit. Developments in hybrid drive technology by MAN Nutzfahrzeuge include improvements to the ultracap bus and an optimised ultracap storage system. MAN Nutzfahrzeuge is conducting research and development of hybrid drive systems with diesel engines for the city bus sector under the IDEAS project. (Author/publisher).
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