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Effects of practice and alcohol on selected skills : implications for an automobile alcohol ignition interlock.
B 4250 T /83/
Sturgis, S.P. & Mortimer, R.G.
Perceptual and Motor Skills, Vol. 37 (1973), No. 1 (August), p. 267-274, fig., graph., ref.

Samenvatting Av stylus-tracking task and a task devised by the General Motors Corporation were examined for their prospective value as alcohol ignition interlock systems. 16 Ss were extensively practiced on the 2 tasks before being tested during the absorption, peak, and elimination phases of the blood alcohol cycle at BACs of 0.05%, 0.10%, and 0.05%. While significant decrements in performance were found in both tasks at 0.10% BAC, only the stylus-tracking task showed useful test discrimination between Ss at BACs of 0% and 0.10%.
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