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Traffic safety, road management and health care.
B 647 (In: B 625 fo) /83 / IRRD 205022
Hunfeld, G.A.M.
In: Proceedings of the VIIth congress of the International Union of Associations of Doctor-Motorists (IUADM) on traffic medicine, held in Amsterdam, 20-23 May 1970; Arts en Auto, Vol. 36 (1970), No. 19 (10 oktober), p. 1547

Samenvatting As long as the internal and external causes of road accidents are not eliminated the help for road accidents must be improved This needs information on accidents. Two data from accidents are still lacking in accident reports a)a medical description of injuries which would make it possible to correlate black spots and injury patterns and b) information on whether or not a victim died during transport.
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