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Glissance des chaussies et accidents de la circulation. Skidding resistance of pavements and road accidents. Strassengriffigkeit und Verkehrsunfälle.
A 9873 fo IRRD 55295
Brengarth, M. Laborde, J. & Chevet, C.
"Z. pl. " 1971. 29 cm., 8 blz., afbn., grafn., tekn. Uit: Bulletin Liaison Labo P. et C. (1971) oct. /nov. blz. 77 /84

Samenvatting After a summary of relations between the slipperiness of the road and the traffic accidents, the influence of certain factors is examined. Further studies will be made to the causes of accidents in particular to skidding resistance of road pavements and a catalogue of icy black spots will be made.
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