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Trafikonykterhet i norden : kartlaeggning och foerslag till forskning. (Drunken driving in the nordic countries : existing knowledge and need for research.)
B 3228 /83 / IRRD 280612

Stockholm, Nordisk Trafiksikkerhedsråd NTR, 1984, 98 p.; NTR Rapport ; No. 36

Samenvatting During 1981-1982 a nordic research group made an inventory of measures against drunk drivers, compiling existing knowledge as to their effects and proposing research programmes concerning measures and their effects. The work of the group was presented at a seminar in may 1982. The work shows that the nordic countries are very similar in many aspects and dissimilar in others. Therefore, driving while intoxicated would seem to be an appropriate subject matter for nordic co-operation. Differences - like effects of different penalties - could be analysed as well as similarities - like decision-making processes leading to a drunken driving offence. Research projects proposed by the group were discussed at the seminar. The participants were much in agreement about the need for research in this field and about focusing on the following subjects: (1) improve drunken driving statistics, (2) assess the extent of drunken driving, (3) identify the drinking drivers, (4) evaluate the effects of different penalties and (5) study the accident risk at low bac levels (less than 0,5).
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