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A depression- aggression syndrome related to accidents caused by alcoholic drivers.
A 5097 (In: A 316) IRRD 40181
Selzer, M.L. J. Quinn & F.H. Westervelt.
In: Alcohol and traffic safety : proceedings of the 4th international conference 1965, British Medical Association, 1966, p. 297.

Samenvatting An attempt was made to determine whether or not: a) alcoholic drivers are responsible for significantly more traffic accident and moving violations than non- alcoholics, b) accidents and violations incurred by alcoholic drivers are significantly related to drinking; c) the alcoholic's psychopathology is significantly related to traffic accidents. Alcoholic drivers tested were "responsible" for twice as many accidents and traffic violations as the same number of non-alcoholic drivers and the significant excess of these largely happened after the persons tested had been drinking. The influence of personality problems is also discussed.
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