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Snorfiets : veilig of niet?
B 9232 [electronic version only] /70 /91 / IRRD 219723
Blokpoel, A. & Harris, S.
Voorburg, Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid, SWOV, 1976, 55 p., graph., tab., ref.; Publikatie 1976 - 1 N.

Samenvatting The "snorfiets" is a moped with a limited speed of 20 km and on which the wearing of a crash helmet is not compulsory. It was first introduced in the netherlands at the beginning of 1976. The danger for drivers on the "snorfiets" is expected to be greater than for cyclists, smaller than for moped riders without a crash helmet but equal to that for moped riders wearing a crash helmet. The influence of the introduction of the "snorfiets" on traffic safety in general is expected to be only small. In spite of the low speed limit of the "snorfiets" the wearing of a crash helmet would decrease the fatality and injury rate.
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