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De oudere voetganger, fietser en bromfietser in het verkeer : achtergronddocumentatie samengesteld ten behoeve van de actie "Laat zien wat je wilt".
B 13288 /72/83/ IRRD 234833
Klein Baltink, H.G. & Meiland, E.C.H.
Hilversum, Veilig Verkeer Nederland, 1978, 22 p., fig., graph., tab., ref.

Samenvatting Background documentation is presented for the safety campaign: "Show what you want". Almost 11% of the Dutch population is over 65 years old. The greater part of these elderly people are daily a participant in traffic. In this safety campaign emphasis is laid that old people should clearly show to which direction the want to go, and that they use priority rules correctly. On the other hand the automobile driver must be aware of their presence on the road, in particular during peak hours.
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