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The most vulnerable road users and the role of the government. Paper presented at the 2nd International Bicycle/Pedestrian Conference, Amsterdam, May 28-30, 1975.
B 7712 fo /70/85.3/ IRRD 223183
Does, V.I. van der
[S.l., s.n.], 1975, 11 p.

Samenvatting Due to the growth of the total number of cars, the pedestrian is becoming oppressed in an increasingly hazardous way. Roads are widened at the cost of the pavement, parking spaces are laid out at the cost of greenery and playgrounds, wide crossroads for motor traffic are the order of the day, but the construction of under- and overpasses for pedestrians is being neglected more and more. The task of the government is to give attention to the construction of pavements and zebra crossings, the location of schools, homes for the elderly, connecting roads to shopping centres etc.
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