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A Comparison of the Cell Phone Driver and the Drunk Driver.
TRIS 01031608
Strayer-David, L. Drews-Frank, A. & Crouch-Dennis, J.
Human Factors. 2006. Summer 48(2) Pp381-391 (5 Fig., 2 Tab., Refs.)

Samenvatting This study provides a direct comparison of the driving performance of a cell phone driver and a drunk driver in a controlled laboratory setting in order to determine the relative impairment associated with conversing on a cell phone while driving. A high-fidelity driving simulator was used to compare the performance of cell phone drivers with drivers with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08%. A total of 40 adults participated in the study. Findings showed that when drivers were conversing on either a handheld or hands-free cell phone, their braking reactions were delayed and they were involved in more traffic accidents than when they were not conversing on a cell phone. When drivers were intoxicated, they exhibited a more aggressive driving style, following closer to the vehicle immediately in front of them and applying more force while braking. These findings suggest that impairments associated with using a cell phone while driving can be as profound as those associated with drunk driving even though the mechanisms underlying the impaired driving in the alcohol and cell phone conditions clearly differ.
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