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Measuring the fit between human judgments and automated alerting algorithms : a study of collision detection.
I E827869 /83 / ITRD E827869
Bisantz, A.M. & Pritchett, A.R.
Human Factors. 2003. Summer 45(2) pp266-280 (7 Fig., 3 Tab., Refs.)

Samenvatting This paper details a methodology for measuring human judgment in general, and the fit between human judgment and the output of alerting algorithms in particular. Building on judgment analysis methods, the utility of using n-system lens modeling to directly compare the judgment correspondence between human judgments and those provided by automated systems is demonstrated. This method can highlight the degree of agreement between human judgment and automated system judgments, thereby predicting situations wherein the human may disagree with, and potentially not rely on, an automated system. To illustrate this methodology, a study previously analyzed using nomothetic methods is examined using the n-system model.
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