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The use of computers in the production of accident statistics in West Sussex.
B 6201 (In: B 5780) /81.1/ IRRD 210308
Houlton, J.M. & Theobald, I.E.
In: Road Accident Seminars, London, June 21-23, 1972, 3 p.

Samenvatting The objectives of the new system of recording and producing accident statistics with the use of computers are outlined. The system consists of four basic program components. The first is for data input, its validation and the creation of a master file. The second provides a monthly summary classified according to road safety area and county council divisions. The third is a black spot programme which indicates the number of accidents in specified areas and during specified periods of time by means of a digital plotter. The fourth is a general purpose programme for special searches and to enable particular presentations and reports to be produced.
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