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Driving while impaired (DWI) by alcohol convictions among alcohol, cocaine, and cannabis clients in treatment.
I E127130 /80 /83 / ITRD E127130
MacDonald, S. Anglin-Bodrug, K. Mann, R.E. & Chipman, M.
Traffic Injury Prevention. 2005 /09. 6(3) Pp207-11 (24 Refs.)

Samenvatting Although studies have demonstrated that clients in treatment for alcohol abuse are more at risk of driving while impaired (DWI) by alcohol than normal licensed drivers from the general population, no research was found on DWI convictions among those in treatment for abusing cannabis or cocaine. The purpose of this article is to compare DWI convictions among clients in treatment for alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, or various combinations of these substances, compared to a matched population control group. A stratified random sample of driver records was drawn from seven client groups who sought treatment in 1994 for alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, or any combination of these substances (n = 445). A random sample of drivers, frequency matched by age and sex (n = 566), served as control subjects. Logistic regression analysis, controlling for sex and age, was conducted to assess whether DWI convictions were elevated for each of the client groups, compared to controls. Two sets of analyses were conducted, before treatment (from 1985 to 1993) and after treatment (from 1995 to 2000). In the time period before treatment, every drug group except the "cannabis only" group had significantly more DWI convictions than controls (p less than .05). In the period after treatment, the "alcohol only," "cocaine only," "alcohol and cocaine," and the "cocaine and cannabis" groups still had significantly more DWI convictions than controls (p less than .05). The results show that DWI convictions are elevated among those who abused cocaine but not among those who abused cannabis. The results suggest that cross-addiction of alcohol and cocaine is common, and problematic drinking among cocaine clients can go undetected when clients are being diagnosed for treatment. (Author/publisher).
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