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Reliability and validity of aggressive driving measures in China.
I E123071 /83 / ITRD E123071
Li, F. Li, C. Long, Y. Zhan, C. & Hennessy, D.A.
Traffic Injury Prevention. 2004 /12. 5(4) Pp349-55 (57 Refs.)

Samenvatting The present research was designed to examine the psychometric properties of Chinese versions of the Self Report Driver Behavior Aggression and Assertiveness subscales, the Driving Vengeance Questionnaire, and the Violent Driving Questionnaire. Study 1 found that the all scales demonstrated good internal consistency, with alphas ranging from .76 to .87 and that assertive driving was related to demerit points received over the past 12 months while driver aggression and violence were linked to collisions over the past 12 months. Study 2 found that the scales exhibited reasonable test-retest reliability, with correlations ranging from .82 to .89. Finally, Study 3 showed that each scale was predicted by other dangerous driving attitudes and behaviors, similar to the original versions. The consistency between the translated and original scales, the implications for use in a Chinese sample, and the uniformity of actions in the traffic environment across cultures are discussed. (Author/publisher).
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