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Drugs and driving.
I E121429 /80 /83 / ITRD E121429
Walsh, J.M. Gier, J.J. de Christopherson, A.S. & Verstraete, A.G.
Traffic Injury Prevention. 2004 /09. 5(3) Pp241-53 (68 Refs.)

Samenvatting The authors present a global overview on the issue of drugs and driving covering four major areas: (1) Epidemiology and Prevalence - which reviews epidemiological research, summarizes available information, discusses the methodological shortcomings of extant studies, and makes recommendations for future research to better define prevalence and epidemiology; (2) Effects of Medicinal and Illegal Drugs on Driving Performance - focuses on the six classes of drugs most often found in impaired and injured drivers, draws conclusions regarding the risk of these drugs to traffic safety and discusses the need for additional research; (3) Toxicological Issues - discusses ways to identify drug users via behavioral testing and analytical techniques, reviews the approaches used by different countries, screening and confirmation techniques, alternative specimens (e.g., urine, oral fluid, sweat), and how rapid roadside testing could be coupled with behavioral and laboratory testing in an effective approach to identifying and prosecuting drugged drivers; (4) Driving Under the Influence of Drugs [DUID] Laws - provides an overview of DUID laws in the United States and Europe, discusses the basic tenets of these laws, the various types of DUID statutes, the reasons why many existing laws hinder the prosecution of drugged drivers and the rationale for developing per se legislation as a strategy to more effectively manage the drugged driver problem. (Author/publisher).
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