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Metoder til udpegning af sorte pletter på vejnettet og til prioritering af uheldsbekaempende foranetaltninger.
A 5130
Thorson, O.
Copenhagen, Rådet for Trafiksikkerhedsforskning RfT (Danish Council for Road Safety Research), 1970, 36 p., 9 ref.; Rapport 4

Samenvatting A new method for black spot location is deseribed. The basis of this method is that the number of accidents at a road element can be regarded as a Poisson distributed variables. The method has been tried at rood elements from the Danish Highway network for the years 1962 - 1964. An analysis of the selected black spots indicated, that for about half of the black spots it was possible to pin point faults in the road layout or in the traffic control.
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