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Drug involvement in drinking driving cases.
A 2487 fo
Finkle, B.S. Biassotti, A.A. Crim, M. & Bradford, L.W.
San Jose, CA, Laboratory of Criminaliatios, 1968, Pp.

Samenvatting A report of the drug aspects of 3409 routine drinking driver investigations from the 1966 period in Santa Clara County, California, has been presected. 705 (21%) cases involved 713 drug occurrences as indicated by police investigation. These drugs are tabulated in 20 groups according to their physiological action. In the segment in which the blood alcohol concentration was less than 0.15%, and the subject exhibited definite symptoms of intoxication, 21% of the cases through screening tests were found to have significant amounts of drugs in the blood sample submitted for alcohol analysis.
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