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Research on the effects of alcohol and drugs on driver behavior and their importance as a cause of road accidents.
A 1131 S
Goldberg, L & Harvard, J.D.
Paris, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD, 1968, 80 p.

Samenvatting The rapidly growing number of drivers, and the increase in road accidents makes it imperative to intensify efforts in order to improve traffic safety and to reduce traffic accidents. The role of alcohol and drugs constitutes one field where scientifically based preventive measures are of importance. No single research group in any country can furnish all the answers. Cross-national studies, and close and organised co-operation and co-ordination between research groups in different countries, is therefore, necessary. Intensified exchange of information between research groups, improved planning, and utilisation of research personnel and equipment are also necessary for conducting comparative studies between countries. The success of a co-ordinated and joint research program will be dependent upon adequate administration. A central OECD Research group, or other agency, will be necessary to fill this need. Of the suggested studies the following are regarded as especially important and needing immediate action: the incidence of alcohol, other drugs, and alcohol in combination with other drugs, in traffic casualties, and in traffic fatalities, the development of new methods of analysis for alcohol and other drugs commonly met with in the driving population, including studies on metabolism, and laboratory studies into the effect of drugs, and of drugs taken in combination with alcohol, on driver behaviour.
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