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Accident analysis : proceedings of the Seminar on Accident Analysis, University of Sussex, June 25 - 29, 1973.
B 15115 /81.1 /82 /83 /91 / IRRD 211973

London, Planning and Transport Research and Computation (PTRC), 1973, var. pag., fig., graph., tab., ref.; Publication P84

Samenvatting The following papers were presented at the seminar: strategic thinking on accident prevention by engineering methods, wilson,jls; the metropolitan police accident intelligence system, cutts,jc; selection, analysis and treatment of accident black spots in urban areas, swali,li; the use of the "osiris" package in the analysis of accident data, skelton,ng; experimental research concerning the effects of police enforcement on traffic accidents, jorgensen,no; accident recording in denmark, peterson,k; accident data systems and remedial work organisation, jehan,wg; gloucestershire county council county surveyor's department accident recording and analysis, adnitt,nf; cornwall county council's traffic accident analysis system, pitts,rh; accident recording in the west riding of yorkshire, cliffe,v and mason,p; recent accident research. Abstracts of transport and road research laboratory reports: traffic conflict - a development in accident research (based on trrl reports lr410, lr520, and lr551) older,s and spicer,b; accidents and traffic conflicts at junctions (trrl report lr514) russam,k and sabey,be; road accidents in darkness (trrl report lr536) sabey,be; advisory speed signs for bends (trrl report lr401) rutley,ks; the use of accident analysis in the improving of vehicle design to prevent accidents, jones,is; overturning in single vehicle accidents, jones,is; the role of alcohol and other drugs in traffic accidents, clayton,ab. For abstracts of lr410, lr520, lr551, lr514 and lr536, see B 15116 - B 15122 (IRRD abstracts nos, 200129, 205504, 206302, 204874 and 205506 respectively.)
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