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Transportation and traffic theory : proceedings of the eleventh international symposium, held in Yokohama, Japan, July 18-20, 1990.
B 31749 /10 /71 /72 /73 /80 /83 /91 / IRRD 838627-838661
Koshi, M. (ed.)
New York, Elsevier Science Publishing Co., Inc., 1990, XV + 656 p., 245 ref. - ISBN 0-444-01546-9

Samenvatting This conference covers a wide range of topics relating to transportation and traffic theory, including modelling of: (a) road, junction of footway capacities; (b) traffic flows; (c) traffic assignment; (d) bus route of timetable designs; and (e) traffic signal optimisation. Methods for identifying accident black spots, and simulating emergency manoeuvres are also presented.
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