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Drugs and driving : suggested applications of a new warning system for medicinal drugs affecting psychomotor performance : supplement = Geneesmiddelen en rijvaardigheid : voorgestelde toepassing van een nieuw waarschuwingssysteem voor geneesmiddelen die psychomotore functies beïnvloeden : supplement.
B 31607 /83 / IRRD 841324
Wolschrijn, H. Gier, J.J. de & Smet, P.A.G.M. de
Maastricht, University of Limburg RL, Institute for Drugs, Safety and Behaviour, 1991, 58 p., 13 ref.; I.G.V.G. 91-24

Samenvatting The categorization system described in the accompanying report raises the question of its positive applications. (see B 31606). There are patient warning systems in effect in a number of countries; these are, however, based on pharmacologically grouped categories and do not take into account the effects of individual drugs, drug doses, or drug formulations. The system proposed by the present authors provides a basis for improving and applying information for physicians and pharmacists, as well as patients.
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