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Drugs and driving : a new categorization system for drugs affecting psychomotor performance.
B 31606 /83 / IRRD 841323
Wolschrijn, H. Gier, J.J. de & Smet, P.A.G.M. de
Maastricht, University of Limburg, Institute for Drugs, Safety and Behaviour /Instituut voor Geneesmiddelen, Veiligheid en Gedrag, 1991, 121 p., 70 ref. I.G.V.G. 91- 24.

Samenvatting Since 1973 the Netherlands has employed a warning system concerning driving hazards associated with the use of various drugs. This report contains a proposal for the classification of drugs based on the severity of side effects. This necessitated the development of a differential classification system. The system contains seven categories to be used by an advisory committee for the classification of drugs hazardous to driving on the basis of their established level of negative effects on driving performance or skills related to driving. See also B 31607.
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