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DV - Verfahren zur Identifikation von Unfallstellen.
B 31170 (In: B 31140) /10 /81 /82 / IRRD 321649
Deist, H.
In: Roads and Traffic 2000. Proceedings of the International Road and Traffic Conference, Berlin, 6- 9 September 1988, Volume IV /2, p. 175- 180, 5 ref. Theme IV: Traffic Engineering and Safety.

Samenvatting The elimination of accident black spots takes high priority in work on road safety carried out by road construction authorities. The data processing- program system IDESYS has been created to identify such accident spots. Three control factors are used to identify accident spots: (1) above- average level of risk to road users considering traffic volume, (2) very high accident frequencies, and (3) accidents with particularly serious consequences.
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