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Ermittlung von Unfallschwerpunkten und generelle Unfalluntersuchungen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.
B 31167 (In: B 31140) /81 /82 / IRRD 321768
Ernst, R.
In: Roads and Traffic 2000. Proceedings of the International Road and Traffic Conference, Berlin, 6- 9 September 1988, Volume IV /2, p. 159- 164, 8 ref. Theme IV: Traffic Engineering and Safety.

Samenvatting In accordance with the German Instructions for the evaluation of road traffic accidents almost every accident or every serious accident is recorded by the police on an accident- type card; more detailed investigations into accident black spots and, when necessary, remedial measures were initiated by police, road construction and road traffic authorities. It is impossible to make an ex post facto judgement of improvement measures realized since the same accidents which led to the detection of an accident spot and /or were considered in the establishing of remedial measures, are taken into consideration once again in the judgement.
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