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De l'analyse points noirs à l'approche itinéraire- méthodologies et applications.
B 31163 (In: B 31140) /81 /82 / IRRD 321648
Ferrandez, F. Fleury, D. Yerpez, J.
In: Roads and Traffic 2000. Proceedings of the International Road and Traffic Conference, Berlin, 6- 9 September 1988, Volume IV /2, p. 135- 140, 12 ref. Theme IV: Traffic Engineering and Safety.

Samenvatting INRETS has widely developed the study of accident black spots and developed an analysis methodology for these high accident areas several years ago. The growth of knowledge in road accidentology based on detailed accident studies, and the need for greater consideration of road safety during initial development stages or major road works, have led to the adoption of a more global position: the route approach. On the basis of a recent experiment on a rural route the INRETS methods are illustrated.
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