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Study of "black spots" in Italy: Some proposals.
B 31135 (In: B 31118) /81 /82 / IRRD 321756
Vella, M.
In: Roads and Traffic 2000. Proceedings of the 16th International Study Week for Traffic Engineering and Safety, Berlin, 6- 9 September 1988. Proceedings of the International Road and Traffic Conference, Berlin, 6- 9 September 1988, Volume IV /1, 9 p. Theme IV d. Accident black spots.

Samenvatting This paper deals mainly with the identification of black spots, and not with corrective measures. Black spots are identified further to: on the one hand, the analysis of factors which make it possible to locate black spots on the various categories of roads both inside and outside built- up areas; on the other detailed statistical studies based on the causes and consequences of accidents occurring at specific sites.
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