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Accident black spots.
B 31132 (In: B 31118) /82 /
Deol, S.B.
In: Roads and Traffic 2000. Proceedings of the 16th International Study Week for Traffic Engineering and Safety, Berlin, 6- 9 September 1988. Proceedings of the International Road and Traffic Conference, Berlin, 6- 9 September 1988, Volume IV /1, 7 p. Theme IV d. Accident black spots.

Samenvatting In India, the road traffic poses a formidable problem due to the heterogeneous mixture of slow and fast moving motor vehicles, their speed differential, the diversity of road users, their indisciplined behaviour and the grossly inadequate road space and faulty geometric features of intersections. Dangerous locations where the frequency of accidents is abnormally high need to be studied on a top priority basis for the adoption of preventive measures.
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