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Safety study : fatigue, alcohol, other drugs, and medical factors in fatal-to-the-driver heavy truck crashes : Volume I and II.
B 29984 a+b /80 /83 /

Washington, D.C., National Transportation Safety Board NTSB, Bureau of Safety Programs, 1990, XXI + 628 p., 87 ref.; PB 90-917002/917003 / NTSB/SS-90/01 / NTSB/SS-90/02

Samenvatting An analysis is presented of human factors involvement in fatal-to-the-driver, heavy truck accidents in eight states of the U.S.A. over a 1 year period. Data presented are derived from in-depth investigation of 182 accidents which involved 186 heavy trucks and resulted in 207 fatalities. Volume I includes an analysis of fatigue, alcohol, and other drug prevalence and medical factors in these accidents, present findings and make recommendations to improve heavy truck safety. Volume II contains the 182 case summaries.
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