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Spritkoesel i Danmark : hvem, hvor meget og hvornår. [= Drunken driving in Denmark.]
B 29729 /83.4 /81 /
Behrensdorff, I. Bernhoft, I.M. & Christensen, J.
Copenhagen, Rådet for Trafiksikkerhedsforskning RfT (Danish Council for Road Safety Research), 1989, 111 p., 41 ref.; Rapport 28 - ISSN 0107-0177 / ISBN 87-7327-025-3

Samenvatting During 1985-1987 a nationwide roadside survey was conducted with the aim to uncover the real proportion of drunken driving among drivers of private cars and small vans on non-urban roads. Based on breath testing of 60, 500 car drivers it is estimated that about 4 per cent of drivers in the traffic exceed the legal BAC limit of .08 per cent, and approximately one per cent are in the interval .05 to 08. Male drivers are accountable for nearly all drunken driving. A before-and-after study shows that a pronounced fall in the proportion of drunken driving has occurred during the survey period.
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