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Hoe effectief is de Algemene Periodieke Keuring APK ?
B 29718 (In: B 29701 [electronic version only]) /95 / IRRD 828569
Tromp, J.P.M.
In: Voor alle veiligheid : bijdragen aan de bevordering van de verkeersveiligheid, 1989, p. 165-174, 3 ref.

Samenvatting The general vehicle inspection was introduced to improve the state of maintenance of the motor car park and to prevent those accidents, which arise from defects of vehicles. It was thought that a yearly mandatory inspection of those components of the car which were important for safety, was sufficient. More important however is to motivate the owner of the car to maintain his car well. With the aid of new electronic equipment and the help of the police it can be done at low costs.
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