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Beitrag der periodischen technischen Ueberwachung von Kraftfahrzeugen (PTUK) zur Verbesserung der Verkehrssicherheit.
B 29566 (In: B 29552 [electronic version only]) /95 / IRRD 810697
Hirschberger, H.G.
In: Second World Congress of the International Road Safety Organisation PRI Luxembourg, 16- 19 September 1986, p.155- 168.

Samenvatting Questions concerning the effectiveness of periodic vehicle inspection in the sense of a share of the net product created by our society are raised in countries considering such measures as well as those where such technical safety inspections already take place. The usefulness can be seen in more than just increased road safety. Improvement in the environment and reduction of energy requirements are positive effects, as well as the flow of information concerning the findings of the vehicle condition controls back to the manufacturer and consumer.
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