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Oudere volwassenen als fietser. I.: kennis, attitudes en geobserveerd gedrag.
B 29355 [electronic version only] /83.2 / IRRD 825756
Maring, W.
Haren, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen RUG, Verkeerskundig Studiecentrum VSC, 1989, 53 p., 41 ref.; VK 88-14 - ISBN 90-6807-142-4

Samenvatting In order to be able to use the publicity/education/training approach in the case of older cyclists, empirical research had to be carried out into the knowledge and attitudes in this group. The older adults showed deficient knowledge scores compared to younger controls. The attitudes of the older cyclists towards rule compliance were very positive however, almost too positive. Observations of the behaviour of older and younger cyclists at intersections were not very successful, since no differences between the two groups emerged other than a lower mean speed in the group of older adults. In part II, the motor and cognitive abilities regarding cycling were investigated. The results and conclusions of both reports are discussed in chapter 5. Refresher courses are indicated with respect to the knowledge problem of older cyclists. Special training is necessary to overcome the problems created by mental slowness. (A) For part II see B 29356 (IRRD 825757).
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