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A plan to prevent drunk driving (with special emphasis on young drivers).
B 26678 (In: B 26651) /83 / IRRD 810480
Chafetz, M.E.
In: Young drivers impaired by alcohol and other drugs : proceedings of a symposium organised by the International Drivers Behaviour Research Association held in Amsterdam, 13-15 September 1986, p. 273-278

Samenvatting The author presents a plan to prevent drunken driving based on 4 assumptions: (1) parents are the main behavioural models for their children; (2) external influences such as TV and advertising appeal to young people; (3) young people's behaviour is controlled by group approval and acceptance; and (4) youth, alcohol and accidents can only be controlled by a systematic community effort. a new social norm that outlaws getting drunk must be created and the prevention plan must target 3 groups of people: those who do not drink, those who do not drink to excess, those with an economic interest in the safety of the drinker. A plan to prevent drunken driving applies to the whole of society.
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