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Young people's lifestyles and their attitudes to alcohol.
B 26666 (In: B 26651) /83 / IRRD 810468
Barjonet, P.E. & Cauzard, J.-P.
In: Young drivers impaired by alcohol and other drugs : proceedings of a symposium organised by the International Drivers Behaviour Research Association held in Amsterdam, 13-15 September 1986, p. 149-155

Samenvatting Statistics show quite plainly that young drivers are very exposed to risk on the road and that road accidents are one of the principal causes of death for the 18-25 age group. The problem is to determine what the reasons are for this phenomenon. Researchers know, however, that, although accident factors are numerous and concomitant, it is difficult to answer this question directly. It is possible nevertheless to study various accident black spots and to try to show under what conditions and by what processes certain factors explain part of the phenomenon of road accidents. This paper points to some aspects of the circumstances in which young people live, their perception of risk and their attitudes towards alcohol. An attempt is made to put these different aspects into perspective to demonstrate how they can both influence and constitute risk factors.
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