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APK fraudegevoelig.
B 26499 T /95 /
Olde Scholtenhuis, E.G.B. Veldhuis, P.H.J. Haitsma, G. & Verheij van Wijk, T.G.
In: Algemeen Politieblad, 136 (1987-04-04) No. 7, p. 151-154, 4 fig.

Samenvatting From an investigation with regards to fraud-practising to vehicle inspection-evidences and the production of false evidence-forms, several lapses and failures to the general periodical vehicle inspection (APK) have appeared. Proposals are made for a more reliable APK and several occasional failures are also mentioned. The police and other institutions' interests would be served if a system was designed with the help of which one can see at a glance whether a vehicle is approved legally or not.
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