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The development and use of in-vehicle devices to reduce alcohol and drug impaired driving.
B 25967 (In: B 25860) /83.4 /91.1 / IRRD 805909
Stein, A.C. Allen, R.W. & Jex, H.R.
In: Alcohol, drugs and traffic safety-T 86. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety, Amsterdam, 9-12 September 1986, p. 601-604, 3 ref.

Samenvatting Research conducted using the Critical Tracking Task based Drunk Driver Warning System (ITT) DDWS is a vehicle mounted device for testing driver impairment and activating alarms. The driver must pass a steering based competency test, the CTT, in order to deactivate the alarm system and operate the vehicle normally.
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