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A review of research: The effects of psychotropic drugs on actual driving performance.
B 25307 (In: B 25301) /83.4/ IRRD 801382
Betts, T. Mortiboy, D. Nimmo, J & Knight, R.
In: Drugs and driving : proceedings of the first international symposium on prescription drugs and driving performance, Vinkeveen, The Netherlands, 25-28 June 1984, p. 83-100, 4 fig., 3 graph.

Samenvatting Because of the legal, ethical and practical difficulties of testing the effect of drugs on driving on the open road., low speed vehicle handling tasks on a test track remain the best approach. Most drugs which affect the central nervous system produce some change in performance on these tests, although a very few do not. It is important to test both acute and chronic effects of the drug. It is also important to test both men and women as they may show quite different response.
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